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?save Money, Buy Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Online retailers offer a wide range of light bulbs in UK. The range spans from halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, energy saving , LED and discharge lamps. The type of bulb you purchase should depend upon the setup in which you plan to use it. Of all the categories of bulbs , LED light bulbs are highly energy efficient and eco friendly lighting solutions for residential and commercial purposes. Choose those that offer both; brightness and energy efficiency. LED bulbs are also available in soft and bright white light, so for indoors choose soft lights and for outdoors buy bright white light bulbs About the Author

We all need lights and in the winter months we spend even more money and energy on providing lighting around our homes than at other times of year, so reducing the energy our lights and bulbs consume can go a long way in reducing the amount of energy we use and the cost of our lighting bill. Energy saving bulbs have been around for over a decade; however, some people are still using conventional bulbs Energy saving bulbs last a lot longer than conventional ones and they also use dramatically less energy and the cost savings of which can accumulate to hundreds of pounds over the life of the bulb

Against these factors, the performance of CFLs and halogens fall well below the mark. While there is no denying the factor that the average price of a LED bulb is prohibitive, recent estimates suggest that rising electricity tariffs call for greater energy saving measures and users of CFLs and halogens are more likely than ever before to switch to low energy lighting to balance the financial aspect. The House voted Wednesday to adopt an amendment by Burgess that would bar the Energy Department from using any funds to implement efficiency standards for light bulbs, six years after Congress first mandated the change.

Some CFLs are labeled not to be run base up, since heat will shorten the ballast's life. Such CFLs are unsuitable for use in pendant lamps and especially unsuitable for recessed light fixtures. CFLs for use in such fixtures are available. 10 Current recommendations for fully enclosed, unventilated light fixtures (such as those recessed into insulated ceilings), are either to use "reflector CFLs" (R-CFL), 11 12 cold-cathode CFLs or to replace such fixtures with those designed for CFLs. 11 A CFL will thrive in areas that have good airflow, such as in a table lamp. 13 Characteristics edit Spectrum of light edit

Organize your home recycling in bins. Make sure they are clearly marked and sorted according to your recycling center requirements. If you do not want (or can't) use a lot of floor space, consider stacked bins or wall-mounted ones. Using a drill and bolts, you can bolt just about any lightweight bin to the wall - just make sure it can be easily removed when it's time to take your recycling to the facility. The best way to make bolted bins removable is to make sure the holes in the bin are bigger than the bolts themselves, so that the bins hang on the bolts.

Use only recycled paper products. It takes a lot of trees to make a small amount of paper. You can save these by recycling the paper you use, whether you write on it or print on it. Avoid using paper unnecessarily. For instance, printing every piece of information is not necessary. Sign up for e-billing and net banking services so that paper bills and bank statements are avoided. Plant a tree. A lot of environmental agencies are giving away trees for adoption. You can plant a sapling in your name, and watch it grow over the years, as your bit for the environment.

Light Emitting Diodes, also known as LED bulbs, are a very good energy saver compared to all the other technologies. In the beginning, LED bulbs were used as pen lights but today we can find many products suitable for household use. Their lifespan is very long, typically over 20,000 hours. Best of all, they use only 70 - 80% of the energy a traditional incandescent bulb uses. The initial cost for these LED bulbs is high but they will pay back your investment within a few months. They can be used as home lighting which will consume much less energy compared to other technologies.

I do not like to focus on the doom of global warming because that's not the best mindset for me to find solutions and implement actions. I truly believe we all can make a difference in our lives, in the lives of our families, friends and community. I also am a firm believer that every single action taken produces a ripple effect throughout the world. When we take a simple action such as changing a light bulb to a compact fluorescent bulb, a positive motion is set in place. Learn why, and how, you can help your customers recycle their CFLs once they have reached the end of their life.

Wash your dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher. Yes, it is more work, but uses a lot less electrical energy. Instead of using all hot water, use warm water and antibacterial dish soap to wash the dishes. Use cool water to rinse them off after they are all washed. Use a natural gas grill instead of using your electric stove top and oven to cook things. The heat produced in your home by an oven while cooking can also cause your AC unit to run more. I know some people who redid their whole house with the compact fluorescents! Thank goodness I did not do that!

Lighting companies continued to make improvements to both the quality of light and the energy efficiency of LEDs while cutting their costs. Since 2008, the cost of LED bulbs has fallen more than 85 percent , and most recently, a number of retailers announced that they will sell LEDs at $10 or less. Today?s LED bulbs are also six to seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights, cut energy use by more than 80 percent and can last more than 25 times longer. Taken together, these advancements have led to rapid deployment in the past of couple years in both commercial and residential applications.

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